cuties on the pitch: [4/??] thomas müller




Why do people still get mad if someone supports two rival teams, let them support whoever they want I can’t stress enough, let them be and let them support Manchester United and City if they want and let them love Barça and worship Real Madrid if they want. Fuck


And the whole football fandom said no

"Schweinsteiger has come off as one of the nicest players on the field when the match ends as well. After beating Portugal he was seen hugging Cristiano Ronaldo. He did the same to Karim Benzema and David Luiz. He even hugged Luiz Felipe Scolari after the beat down of Brazil. He ran right up to Messi at the end of the final” - Rant Sport

"Thank you Mario for your nomination, I nominate Wolf Fuss, Helene Fischer, and Mats Hummels."


André Schürrle ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

everyone is probably dying of fangirling about marco right now and then there is me, thanking god for andré schürrle.


Favorite FIFA 2014 footballers:
↳ David Luiz (Defender for Brazil)